Cat Limericks

A book of fun and frolicsome limericks about cats - guaranteed to get you purring!

Limericks were popularized by Edward Lear in the 19th century, first appearing in his 'A Book of Nonsense' (1845). But the very first collection was published in 1820 (author unknown) in 'The History of Sixteen Wonderful Old Women Exhibiting their Principle Eccentricities and Amusements'.

The limerick is a type of poem most associated with humour, nonsense, and witty wordplay. It follows a specific rhyme scheme and meter, with the last line often containing a punchline or twist to an expected rhyme. While always humorous in intent, limericks often tend towards the off-colour end of the comedic spectrum, from the mildly risqué to downright obscene.

But these limericks have cats as the protagonists - and being the immaculately groomed and dignified creatures they are, no cat would allow a single whisker of its self-respect to be sullied by smuttiness ... which is to say, these limericks are as clean as a finely picked wishbone!

Here you will find sushi-eating, cello-playing, taxi-driving cats ... cats who love to dance, cats who love to cook, cats from another planet. Do cats dream of eclectic lives? Who knows... but I have it on good authority that behind that fastidious yogi-like exterior, the inner lives of cats number many more than nine!

So dip into this assortment of whimsical cat-tales and enjoy the feline fun!